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Long May You Run goes beyond the basics of running, training, and racing.  It is a collection of essays, stories, statistics, humor, resolutions, achievable goals, and advice on nearly 200 separate topics to help you fill the gaps in your running life.  In addition, you will be inspired and challenged by the recommendations and running tips contributed exclusively to the book by numerous Olympians and running authors.

Among other things, you will learn . . .

·    the one road race everybody needs to run

·    “destination” runs every runner needs to experience

·    how you can win a race even when finishing last

·    what to do with those old running shoes and race T-shirts

·    where to find a  luxury cruise just for runners

·    how you can run across the U.S. without leaving home

·    why listening to the right song may help you run faster

·    who Ted Corbitt is and why you should care

·    why running backwards is good for you

·    how to “give back” and become a vital part of the running community